10 Trendy Types of Curtain Tops for Every Room in US

Types Of Curtain Tops

One way that different curtain types can be identified is by their curtain tops. Structured pleats and industrial grommets are just a couple of the many styles available. The design of the space is greatly influenced by the curtain tops, although you shouldn’t feel constrained by this.

Although knowing your personal style is crucial, curtain toppers have a lot more of an impact than simply how your space looks and feels. They affect the room’s lighting and operation. Thus, considerable consideration should go into choosing the kind of curtain top that’s best for your space.

10 Different Types Of Curtain Tops

  1. Pinch Pleats
  2. Pencil Pleats
  3. Rod Pocket
  4. Tie Top
  5. Inverted Box Pleats
  6. Goblet Pleat
  7. Flat Panel
  8. Euro Pleat
  9. Pelmet
  10. Tab Top

Pinch Peat Curtain Top

Pinch Pleats Curtain Top

A traditional curtain header design that complements both formal modern and classic styles is pinch pleats.
You may select a double or triple pleat when using pinch pleats. Compared to other headers, this curtain-style header uses more fabric and produces wider curtains.

If the clean shape of your pleats is important to you, go for a curtain header with a buckram. Pinch pleat curtains look best when placed below the curtain rod using hooks and rings, but they can also be hung using back tabs. The ideal materials for this curtain header type are medium-weight ones.

Pencil Pleat Style Header

Pencil Pleats

A pleated style called pencil pleats looks like pencils arranged side by side at the top of the curtain. Compared to pinch pleats, pencil pleats have a more relaxed pleat-type header. Less fabric is also needed for this design.

Pencil pleat curtains can be hung with back tabs on the rod, just as pinch pleat headings. However, hanging these curtains with curtain hooks and rings makes them seem more elegant and makes them easier to open and shut.

Rod Pocket Curtain Header

Rod Pocket

For ready-made curtains, rod or pole pocket curtains are a common curtain top type. You insert your rod through a hole at the top of the curtain for this type of curtain header.

The relaxed, carefree appearance of these drapes is ideal for cottage and rural décor. These curtains’ drawback is that opening and closing them may be more challenging. It is more difficult to open and close them on a large pole than a small one.

Tie Top Style Curtains Header

Tie Top

One of the most informal types of curtain tops in United Kingdom headers is the tie top curtain. These curtains resemble tab top curtains, except they have two parts that tie above the rod instead of a single, continuous length of cloth over the rod.

Styles like cottage and rural house designs lend themselves perfectly to this look. It’s harder to close tie tops. Consequently, it is preferable to save them for windows that you don’t frequently need to open and close.

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Inverted Box Pleats Header

Inverted Box Pleats

A curtain header design known as “inverted box pleats” turns the pleat inside out, leaving a front consisting of two conventional vertical panels next to each other. This kind of pleat is formal but uncomplicated, making it ideal for modern décor.

The ideal way to use inverted box pleat curtains is to fasten them to drapery hooks and rings. These work well with thick materials like velvet and lined silk.

Goblet Pleat Curtain Top

Goblet Pleat

The appearance of goblet pleats is similar to a goblet perched on top of the pleat. Compared to other pleat headings, these are more elaborate. Goblet pleat curtains are hence more formal in appearance. The easiest way to ensure that

this type of curtain top maintains its form by connecting a buckram to the rear of the curtain header.
A more delicate form for the curtain top is goblet pleats. For curtains that you don’t frequently need to open and close, this pleat type is appropriate.

Flat Panel Header

Flat Panel

The tops of flat panel curtains lack any characteristics that set them apart from the bottom of the curtain. The style of the header’s back determines how flat panel curtains are attached to the rod. The majority of flat panel curtains are fastened to a rod using drapery hooks or clips fastened to rings. The curtains have a more formal pleated look when they are open.

Because they are easier to manufacture than pleats, they make excellent do-it-yourself curtain headers. Additionally, they require less cloth to cover the window.

Euro Pleat Style Top

Euro Pleat

A style of pleated curtain header known as “Euro pleats,” or “Parisian pleats,” are collected at the top of the pleat as opposed to the Centre. These pleats have a more modern look that complements both modern home décor and Parisian drapes that combine elements of the ancient and new worlds.

When compared to more informal versions like tab tops, these types of curtain tops in the United Kingdom & United States operate more smoothly. Moreover, you may block lighter with them than with curtains that dangle below the rod.

Pelmet Curtains Top

Pelmet top

A pelmet is a wooden frame that has a cloth covering over it to cover the curtain and the top of the window. A classic look that is returning is the use of pendant lights in warm design types like English country home décor.

When installed properly, pelmets give your space a warm, inviting feel and aid in insulating draughty windows. You may also cover the top of the curtain with them. For simpler movement, you may thus install your curtain on a track.

Tab Top Header Style Curtain

Tab Top

Another popular type of header for pre-made curtains is the tab-top curtain header. These are made of flat cloth strips that loop over the rod.

These are more informally styled, similar to rod pocket curtains. Tab top curtains are also more challenging to regularly open and close than rod pocket curtain tops. Therefore, light to medium-weight fabrics are ideal for these curtain toppers.

In The End

Curtain tops play a crucial role in curtain design and contribute to the overall look and feel of your house. Even while curtain headers are crucial, there is a lot of space for customization.

Designers are presenting novel approaches to reimagine classic designs with a contemporary edge.

As a result, even though this is a design decision you must make, any curtain top you select can appear stunning because there are so many exquisite possibilities.

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